The Perfect Birthday Party Place for Your Little Athlete

Throwing the perfect birthday party for your child is something that every parent agonizes over at least a few times over the years. It can be challenging to choose the birthday party place, especially in a busy place like the Big Apple where there are thousands of options from catered parties for little princesses to private arcades for the little console commanders. However, if your child is the type to bounce off the walls, careen down the soccer field, and leap from the couch wearing a towel cape, then Kids ‘N Shape might just be the perfect birthday party place for them.

Perfect Birthday Party Place Little Athlete With Dad

Design the Party Around the Child

What makes a perfect children’s party? If you ask your inner child, the answer is clear. The freedom to do your favorite things all day long. Just as you might throw a music-themed party for a child who was crazy about instruments, your little athlete deserves a day with nothing but interesting and exciting opportunities to run and play. This means that you need more than a room with tables and cake, you need a whole kid-safe environment for races, obstacle courses, and massive games of tag or freestyle soccer. With a birthday party that perfectly caters to their energy and love of interesting athletic challenges, your child can have fun at every turn with every activity available.

Planning Activities to Keep the Good Times Rolling

In fact, activities are one of the best things about a well-planned birthday party. Children are good enough at entertaining themselves, but nothing beats an organized game or challenge that has been specially prepared by clever adults. Someone’s got to fill the water balloons, write the scavenger hunt lists, invite the face paint artist, or order the bounce house and there’s no denying that the children have more fun with special birthday party games and activities. When planning your little athlete’s birthday party, don’t forget plenty of time for both free play and organized games.

The Perfect Party Venue

Your little athlete deserves a birthday that can handle all that boundless energy and to do that, you’ll need one heck of a venue. Fortunately, Kids ‘N Shape has you covered. Your little athlete will love the 40-foot inflatable obstacle course with tunnels and slides, bounce house, and foam pits. There are also a full basketball court, a soccer field with nets, air hockey, and every kind of ball we could think of. There are soft toy areas for younger siblings, an XBox Kinect for the older kids, and even a collection of scooters and bumper cars. Not only are there dozens of things for kids to do on their own, with every birthday party, we are also glad to put together a variety of fun activities like parachute games, relay races, contests, dodge ball, kickball, and many other games for the ultimate kid’s gymnasium environment.

When it comes to planning the best possible birthday party for your child, start with what they love. If your child is always running, excited about sports, and is continuously seeking active play, you can make their birthday all about burning energy in incredibly fun ways. When they’ve raced the obstacle course a dozen times, shot some hoops, and finished their bumper car wars, your child can even take an exciting slide down our famous indoor zip line. If you would like to book your child’s next birthday party place with Kids ‘N Shape, contact the party professionals at Kids ‘N Shape today!

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