Indoor Childrens Fitness Play Reduces Pediatric Melanoma

As summer approaches, you will hear more and more about protecting your skin from the sun’s strong rays. While it may feel great to soak up some sunshine, it can have serious consequences. However, a recent study shows that an indoor childrens fitness play can take a big part in continuing to reduce the number of children diagnosed with melanoma.

Childrens Fitness Play Indoor Play

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Case Medical Center in Cleveland have been studying skin cancer rates, and have found some very encouraging news. From 2004 to 2010, pediatric melanoma diagnoses have dropped 12% each year. They attribute the numbers to parental awareness of the importance of sunscreen and other sun-protective measures. Besides wearing a hat and applying the sunscreen, one of the biggest ways to protect children is keeping them indoors while the sun’s rays are at its strongest, usually from about 10AM to 4PM.

Because of this recommendation, indoor play centers are the perfect solution for children who need to be active, but in an indoor setting, safe from UV rays. For over 25 years, Kids ‘N Shape has been offering a safe, clean, indoor place for children to play and exercise indoors.

At our facility, children can bounce and throw balls, ride wheeled toys, jump on inflatables, participate in an obstacle course, play basketball, soccer, and even ride a zip line to get the exercise they need and develop gross motor skills. Come for an fitness play open session, or sign your child up for one of our fitness play summer camps for a fun experience.

In addition to providing a safe place indoors for children to play, we are an excellent option when the thermometer climbs high on those hot summer days. You can get out of the heat and humidity in our climate-controlled environment and children will have a blast.

If you are trying to think of fun things to do this summer with the children while protecting them from harmful UV rays, our indoor childrens fitness play center is the answer to your problem. For more information about our location in Queens or Staten Island, contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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