Party Halls in Staten Island Help Foster Child Development Organically

Every child develops at their own pace, but that does not mean parents should refrain from having a hand in their children’s progress. As a matter of fact, groups like the World Health Organization wholeheartedly recommend parental intervention. They believe that positive interaction with parents, adults and other children help improve several areas of development, and we do too. Our party halls in Staten Island are inherently designed to help children organically develop motor, socio-emotional, cognitive and language skills through various types of play.

Party Halls in Staten Island Foster Child Development

Imaginary, Symbolic and Dramatic: These types of play often involve taking props and using them to act out scenarios that may be real or imagined. For instance, a cardboard box may become a spaceship and a ride-on scooter may become a getaway car.

Parallel and Associative: These types of play frequently involve mimicking behavior. For example, one child may run through the soft play obstacle course and another decides to follow.

Collaborative and Constructive: Collaborative and constructive play are pretty self-explanatory. The first involves working with other children (e.g. taking turns), and the other involves manipulating the environment to build something (e.g. block towers).

Competitive and Structured Play: Finally, we cannot forget about competitive and structured play. They are two forms that tend to teach children about obeying rules, time constraints, winning, losing, teamwork and perseverance.

At our party halls in Staten Island, we primarily encourage children to enjoy imaginary, symbolic, dramatic, parallel, associative, constructive and collaborative play. However, we are also willing to provide a competitive and structured, private play session for families upon request. To learn more about the various types of play and how they may organically aid child development, please contact Kids ‘N Shape. Our facilities are available for class trips, summer camp, open sessions and birthday parties year round.

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