For Birthdays, One Party at a Time Means Less Chaos

As parents, we all have been to “that” birthday party. The one packed with multiple parties going on at once, zillions of kids running around on sugar highs, parents desperately trying to gain some control. It is chaos, pure and simple. At Kids ‘N Shape, we only host one party at a time. That means parents have a little less to worry about, and that is a good thing.

One Party at a Time Less Chaos

Kids ‘N Shape not only provides you and your guests with full, private use of our facility, but we have several options for age-appropriate, organized activities. Kids ‘N Shape provides invitations, pizza, Carvel ice cream cake, drinks and paper goods for all birthday parties. That means we can offer parents the opportunity to sit back, watch your kids and their friends, and enjoy the party. Make those memories last a lifetime, spend more time enjoying and less time overseeing.

At Kids ‘N Shape, we are committed to a clean and safe atmosphere. We are fully insured, and our staff is trained to maintain the safest environment possible for the kids. Our facilities are over 6,000 square feet and are packed full of an array of equipment for all different age ranges. Our Queens and Staten Island facilities feature an indoor bounce house, a 40-foot Inflatable obstacle course with tunnels and slide, sit-down scooters exerbugs, bumper cars, hand twiters, foot twisters and more. Our more traditional attractions include full court basketball, a soccer playing field, and air hockey. Featuring our world-famous Zip Line (yes, your children can safely ride a zip line).

Contact Kids ‘N Shape today and let us take some of that weight off of your shoulders and help plan the perfect birthday party for your child and their friends. You will be amazed by all of the assistance we offer, so, for a change you can sit back, relax and enjoy your child’s celebration with one party at a time.

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