Staten Island Childrens Gym Introduces Kids to Classic, Scooter Fun

If you went to a New York elementary school in the 1970s, chances are you remember playing with scooter boards in gym class. They were as popular with physical education teachers back then as they are now for several reasons. To begin with, the scooters bolster pelvic girdle stability and posture. They also help build muscle strength and upper limb range of motion. Staten Island Childrens Gym Scooters are great fun to ride on alone or with a group.

Staten Island Childrens Gym Exobike Scooter Fun

Bug Out in Our Staten Island Children’s Gym

How do we know so much about scooter boards? Our expansive knowledge of the classic toys is easy to explain. Our Staten Island children’s gym has a cache of Sportime ExerBugs® and other sit-down scooters. The ExerBugs® are made with brightly colored plastic, smooth-rolling wheels, injection-molded seats and rubber gripped handle bars. Plus, they are very easy to maneuver around our 6,000+ square foot children’s gym. As such, they tend to be popular with the little kids and their parents.

Solo Scooter Play in Staten Island and Queens

Many parents like to help their kids out by creating a series of games or activities to go along with sit-down scooter play. For example, they might set up an impromptu obstacle course or treasure hunt scenario to help encourage the use of the ExerBug® scooters’ handlebars. When the kids use the handlebars, they are working a variety of muscles. The list of targeted muscles includes but is not restricted to the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboid major.

Group Scooter Play in Queens and Staten Island

Sit-down scooters are also perfect for friendly games of tag, relay races, scooter dodge ball, bucketball and scooter board hockey. We have even seen families and friends use the scooters to create a human train. The trains are ideal in situations where parents want to teach the kids about communication, leadership and teamwork.

Scoot on Over to Our Children’s Gym Locations

We have scooters available at both our Queens and Staten Island locations. To learn more about the fun kids at our Staten Island Childrens Gym or Queens Childrens Gym have with our collection of sit-down scooters, please contact the Kids ‘N’ Shape team today.

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