Venture into a Soft Play Obstacle Course for Physical Activity Fun

Are your kids hyped up and ready to play with nowhere to go? Venture to Kids ‘N Shape’s soft play obstacle course to ensure a fun and safe adventure for children k-12. Our fitness play open sessions encourage children to channel their pent-up energy by playing in a safe and positive environment.

Soft Play Obstacle Course for Physical Activity Fun

We provide soft play obstacle courses and interactive activities that will motivate children to move their muscles and put a smile on their face. Whether it is launching into foam pits, crawling through inflatable tunnels or whizzing by on our zip line, children will get physical in a fun way. Children will have access to a full court basketball and soccer nets with balls available for their use (including oversized beach balls). For children with a love for wheels, we have sit-down scooter exerbugs and bumper cars to feed their fascination.

Our unstructured open play allows children to be creative by exploring and interacting in our 6000+ square foot fitness centers. Children are surrounded by and encouraged to play with their peers. This aids their social development and provides them with the opportunity to build friendships. Children will stay fit and active while increasing their coordination and confidence.

Guardians have no need to fret with our vigilant and experienced professional staff overseeing the children. Children’s safety is of great importance to us, which is why we use quality padding and bounce rides for our children fitness centers. Soft play allows children to gain strength and skills through harmless play. We clean and disinfect our surfaces regularly to secure a clean and hygienic environment.

Plunge into some Kids ‘N Shape fun at either our Queens or Staten Island location. Fitness play open sessions provide 2 hours of fun for $10. Our sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis with a max of 50 children. Watch as children develop a love for physical activity through fun. Visit the Kids ‘N Shape blog for more info and contact Kids ‘N Shape to visit our soft play obstacle course.

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