Indoor Playground Queens Offers Schools Alternative to VFTS

For years, experts in learning have touted the benefits of field or class trips. At first, the only trips promoted by leading professionals were ones that involved transporting the kids from the school to an outside location. In later years, virtual field trips or VFTs were added to the list. Now studies like the one that appeared in an April 2015 edition of MBC Public Health show that these types of excursions may not be the best choices for our children. Why do studies turn a critical eye towards certain class trips and where do the built-in, unmistakable benefits lie? Plainly stated, it is in the activity level that can be provided by your local indoor playground Queens.

Indoor Playground Queens Offers VFTS Alternative

Class trips to an indoor playground in Queens are inherently full of physical activity, sensory experiences and true, social interactions. So it is indisputable that children who go to play areas benefit more than kids who simply pretend to visit the same locales. The study that we noted previously primarily focused on the activity level differences between real and virtual experiences. However, others have published information about other potential shortcomings.

For example, even studies touting the benefits of VFTs often note that some young children may not learn as much from imaginary trips as they would from alternatives due to short attention spans and maturity level issues. To read studies where these potential problems are sometimes mentioned, we would suggest picking up copies of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Social Studies Teacher Education. One study we noticed appeared in 2009 (Issue 4, Volume 9).

Indoor playgrounds in Queens, on the other hand, are exceptionally well-suited for children with short attention spans. Why? All of the safe, maintained equipment is easily accessible and play times are unstructured but closely supervised. Also, the playgrounds may accommodate groups of children with various maturity levels at one time. So, public schools that focus on integrating special needs children find them ideal. To discover these and other reasons indoor playground Queens are better than VFTs, please contact Kids ‘N’ Shape today.

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