6 Ideas For A Karaoke-Themed Party At Kids N’ Shape

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday? Most children enjoy being the center of attention and trying new activities. One spectacular way to intertwine the two is by hosting a karaoke-themed birthday party at Kids N’ Shape. Since our facility hosts private parties, guests will enjoy having the entire premises to showcase their voice to friends and family members in between activity play. Here are a few ideas to help you play a karaoke-themed party sure to wow all who attend.

Karaoke Themed Party Kids

Bring Along The Right Equipment

There are two options available in getting music heard by those who attend your child’s party. Hiring a karaoke disc jockey, or DJ is one of them. They would have all the necessary equipment as well as a library of music to choose from. Alternately, bring along a portable karaoke machine and discs or digital tracks for your party-goers to wail out tunes you provide using this equipment. We will tap your device into our sound system, allowing singers to be heard throughout our facility. Be sure to have a microphone or two at the ready for solo and duet performances.

Decorate For The Occasion

When someone is going to sing for the birthday crowd, they need a staging area, so they feel like a star! Bring along a spotlight, so your guests are the focus whenever they decide to try singing a tune. Decorate with music notes made from construction paper or hang compact discs with string in your allotted singing area to help put guests in the mood.

Provide Costumes

Kids love dressing up in clothes with shimmery colors and with accessories. Hit up your closets at home and bring some outlandish pieces for children to mimic their favorite pop stars’ appearances. Snazzy sunglasses, whimsical hats, and costume jewelry will do the trick.

Have A Camera On Hand

Use your cell phone or a digital camera to take photographs or videos of each guest when it is their turn to perform. Send each child’s guardians the photos or files through the mail or via email so the festivities can be enjoyed again and again in the future. Set up a photo booth area so children can get their picture taken after they don their outfits for their performances.

Enjoy Festive Food And Drinks

Anything goes when it comes to food for a karaoke party. Kid-pleasers like pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs, or tacos are all possibilities guests will enjoy. Make cupcakes and decorate the icing portion with music notes made from small candy. Cut several drawn guitars or microphones from cardstock and tape them to straws for a sweet beverage. Wrap black licorice strings around a donut to make “records” and make marshmallow riced crispy cereal treats cut into the shapes of microphones or music notes.

Play Mystery Karaoke Tracks

For those who are exceptionally daring, pick songs at random for children to attempt singing. Make sure the wording style matched the age range of the children participating, so there are no phrases that are too hard for guests to read. Ask children beforehand who their favorite artists are so you can select songs that they may already know. Alternately, have guests write down random songs on pieces of paper and place them in a jar. Ask each game participant to pick a piece of paper from the container, but not to look at the information provided. Que up the machine or alert your karaoke DJ of the requested song and enjoy the show.

If you are interested in throwing a unique party for your child, consider adding karaoke to the mix. Please contact Kids N’ Shape to find out more about our party packages today,

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