Having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party at Kids N’ Shape

Here at Kids ‘N Shape, we love having parties of all kinds. And what’s more fun than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party? There’s so much that you can do, and so much fun for the kids to be had! We’ve gone ahead and broken down our ideas into categories so that you can better plan your next party event.

Comic Con Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

No party is complete without some refreshments. And Ninja Turtle refreshments don’t have to be complicated or expensive to create. Pizza is, of course, a big staple in the Turtles’ diets, so you can never go wrong with a meal of pizza. Consider green colored limeade for the drink, and label it as “Sewer Slime” or “Toxic Ooze.” Candy bowls filled with orange, blue, purple and red candies for each of the Turtles, or even cookies decorated as pizzas. Keeping a green theme throughout the treats is also a simple way of keeping a Turtle-like feel.

All those that organize a birthday party through our services are provided with paper goods (plates, cups, napkins), party balloons, drinks for all involved, and pizza.

If it’s a birthday party, then you’re going to need a cake! There’s no need to go all out unless you want to of course. A simple cake, iced in green and decorated with red, purple, blue and orange sprinkles is enough if you want it to remain simple. Or you can find plenty of idea on Pinterest for elaborate Ninja Turtle cakes. However, many people are moving away from the traditional cake and towards cupcakes instead. Cupcakes can be decorated with green frosting and candies of the Turtles’ colors as well.

We here at Kids ‘N Shape also provide Carvel Ice Cream Cake for those that organize a birthday party through us.

Kids ‘N Shape is the perfect place to host a variety of different, physical party games. The kids can have fun moving, running, and jumping at our facility. As such, a variety of games can be given. You can have the kids have races, dancing contests, supervised “Turtles vs. Bad Guy” dodge ball game, and a multitude of other activities. If you’re one for Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, then you can adapt the game and create a Pin-the-Shell-on-the-Turtle. If you like kickball, then we can organize a kickball game. There’s no limit to the amount that can be done.

Every party should end with some party favors for the guests! It’s simple to keep in theme as well, as all you need is some green paper bags, strips of purple, red, orange and blue paper, some googly eyes and some glue. Glue one of the strips of paper near the top of each bag, and then place two googly eyes on top of the strips. Easy-Peasy! You have your goody bags! As for the treats inside, that’s entirely up to you, but to keep in theme, consider some slime, color-coordinated candies, or little turtle toys.

Kids ‘N Shape is willing to provide the goody bags for you as well, with an assortment of up to 8-10 toys, for an additional cost of four dollars per favor.

If you want a little extra added to your party, then we here at Kids ‘N Shape are willing to do so! Along with the party favors mentioned above, we offer extra treats, such as cotton candy and popcorn. There’s the chance of face-painting, as well as a costumed clown or magician. We also offer a photo package for the event. (All extras are at an additional cost that can be found on our webpage.)

So if you’re looking to have the party of the year, and doing so with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme, you should consider doing so at Kids ‘N Shape. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for additional information.

IMAGE SOURCE: flickr.com/photos/weeklydig/14686460909

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