How Queens Indoor Play Can Keep Your Children Healthy This Winter

During the winter months, many children end up stuck inside instead of being able to run and play outdoors. Instead of running, climbing, and exploring their world, they may spend considerably more hours staring at tablets, computers, and other devices. Unfortunately, this can leave your child fighting illness for a much more significant chunk of the season. Have you been spending too many hours stuck inside already? Queens indoor activity, like the options available at Kids ‘N Shape, can help keep your child more active, maintaining their health this winter.

Queens Indoor Play

American Heart Association Recommendations

The American Heart Association recommends that children over the age of two get at least an of physical activity every day. Ideally, that activity should be enjoyable for the child. Children who enjoy exercise are more likely to exercise as they age. For parents who can’t fit an hour of active time into their schedules, the AHA recommends breaking it down into 30-minute chunks.

Why Get Kids Moving?

Active kids are, in general, happier, healthier kids. When they get out and get moving, they’re more easily able to shake off depression, knock out anxiety, and be in a good mood. Active kids are also generally better behaved for their parents the rest of the time: they’ve had a chance to get that energy out, and they’re ready to sit still(er) and do what their parents need them to do. That’s a plus any parent can appreciate! Keeping kids active also adds many health benefits.

Physical activity reduces blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause severe complications in kids and adults. Get your child moving in these early years to help stave off the onset of high blood pressure and other problems.

Physical activity decreases the odds of obesity. Obesity is an epidemic across America, and kids are the ones who are suffering most. When your child is active, however, they’re less likely to be obese, and that makes them more likely to stay healthy.

Staying active reduces the incidence of some types of illness and disease. Diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer can be prevented, or at least have their odds of occurrence reduced, by including regular physical activity as part of your child’s routine.

How Can You Get Kids Moving in the Winter?

During the winter months, it can be hard to get kids moving. It’s cold outside, or it’s wet and rainy, or your schedule merely is packed full of too many things to do. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get your kids (and yourself) moving and experience those essential benefits.

Play together as a family. Come check out Kids ‘N Shape, where your kids can get their blood flowing with a fun and exciting bounce. Go for a walk. If it’s too cold to walk outdoors, try going for a walk at a mall or other indoor area with plenty of room for everyone to play. Check out kids’ exercise videos. Yes, it is another screen for your kids to stare at, but this particular screen is an excellent opportunity to enjoy moving with your kids.

Incorporate active play into your routine. Make sure that you’re incorporating time to move into the habits you follow with your kids every day. Consider, for example, how a trip to a park or a local play place can fit into your plans. Enroll your kids in sports. When it’s part of the routine, you’ll be less likely to skip those crucial days.

Are you ready to get your kids moving this winter? Contact Kids ‘N Shape to learn more about how we can help keep your child active and having fun while they do it.

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