How to Successfully Hold a Toddler Birthday Party and Keep Your Sanity

Having a toddler Birthday party sounds like a ton of fun until it comes time actually to do it. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by little people who aren’t yours, often with their parents, too. You might be struggling to get them even to try to play the games that were “so much fun” or to sing to your little one. How do you hold a toddler birthday party and keep your sanity? Try some of these toddler Birthday party tips to help make your next event a success.

Toddler Birthday Party Clown Theme

Tip #1: Keep Your Party Size Manageable

Sure, you have visions of how much fun it will be to invite all of your toddler’s friends to their birthday celebration. That can, unfortunately, quickly turn into a mess! Instead, consider how much more fun it might be to play with a few friends. Keep in mind that in today’s busy society, many invitees won’t show up anyway. If you’re planning a party for 20 and end up with only 4-5 guests, you may feel that you’ve way overspent with little to do about it. Try inviting friends that you know are likely to RSVP and show up.

Tip #2: Play Active, Noncompetitive Games

Toddlers aren’t known for their attention span. While it’s okay to have some games with prizes, you’ll find that most toddlers are happier, overall, if they’re allowed to play games that use their gross motor skills and don’t require them to compete against each other. At Kids ‘N Shape, for example, we have a wide range of climbing, bouncing, playing activities and plenty of space to run in: the perfect combination for toddler parties.

Tip #3: Enlist Help

At this age, toddlers need plenty of supervision. They may lack the occasional motivating touch to help move them to the next game or area, or they might need someone to help redirect them before there’s a temper tantrum. When you party with Kids ‘N Shape, we help to provide adult supervision so that you’ll have an extra set of hands at the ready just in case.

Tip #4: Plan Your Timing

At toddler parties, timing is critical. You don’t want the party to stretch out for too long, which can lead to bored toddlers getting frustrated with everything around them. You’ll also want to seriously consider how the timing of your party lines up with mealtimes or nap times for your young guests and your little ones. While it may be impossible to correctly predict those times for every guest, choosing a time when they will be full and well-rested or choosing to serve a meal if you’re going to hold a party in the middle of lunch can help prevent meltdowns.

Tip #5: Give Parents All the Information

Your invitation should contain all the critical information about your event so that parents know what to expect when they show up. Will they be expected to stay with their toddler? Are you using a facility that will require a liability waiver? What about food, what are you serving and when? The more information you give parents, the better they can plan for your party and that means happier kids who are better prepared for a fun day celebrating your little one.

Tip #6: Consider Little Personalities

When you invite toddlers to a party, it’s essential to consider their needs. Toddlers, for example, may struggle to sit still while your little one opens stacks of presents so consider saving present-opening for after the party is over (or, even better, letting parents know not to bring a gift if you start the habit now, your little one will get used to it early). If you choose to hold your party at home, check to make sure breakable items have been put away.

Are you ready to throw a toddles Birthday party bash that will have your toddler beaming? Contact Kids ‘N Shape today to start planning a spectacular birthday party that will be sure to draw cheers without giving up your sanity in the process.

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