A Kids ‘N Shape Birthday Party is a Dream Come True

Is your young tyke turning another year older? Are you struggling to come up with brilliant ideas for their next birthday milestone? Then you have come to the right place! A Kids ‘N Shape birthday party has been a staple in the NYC community for many years. There’s a reason why so many families love having their child’s party here. Here are the top 5 reasons why a Kids ‘N Shape birthday party is the ideal option for your next special day.

Kids N Shape Birthday Party Invitation

No Big Mess in Your Home

When you host a birthday party in your own home and have lots of children over for the entire afternoon, you are guaranteed quite a massive cleanup session after all of the festivities. And chances are, after hours with a house full of children all revved up on cake and ice cream, you’re already pretty tired. Why not skip the hassle entirely and take them to Kids N’ Shape where birthday party attendees can enjoy their cake, get out all of their energy out on the play places, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee while they do it? No need to create a big birthday mess in your home when you can take the party to Kids N’ Shape so that clean-up duty is minimal.

The Kids Can Blow Off Steam

Kids are energetic by nature, and unless you have a home that you don’t mind 20 kids running through, it’s best to facilitate all that energy at the right place. At Kids N’ Shape, not only is it safe for several children to slide down slides, jump in bounce houses, and play lots of games, it’s designed specifically for that purpose. Your son or daughter and all of their friends can spend the day playing to their heart’s content, and by the end of the party, they’ll be all tuckered out and ready for quiet time at home.

It’s a One Stop Shop

At Kids N’ Shape, we supply what you need for a full-service child’s birthday party. We have all the party goods including Carvel ice cream cake, pizza, drinks, paper plates cups, napkins, and even invitations. No need to spend extra money on party supplies when you can lock down the venue and the goods all at one time. Plus it frees up your time to focus on other things instead of running from one place to the next to get everything you need.

They Will Remember Forever

Your child won’t forget their incredible birthday party that you made happen for them. At Kids N’ Shape, we create an environment that encourages children to play and have endless fun. They’ll remember it all from the animal face paintings to the relay races to kickball and everything in between. All that fun crammed into one day is enough to make any child grateful for awesome parents who gave them such an unforgettable birthday party.

It’s Fun For Everyone

Our facility accommodates up to 60 people which means you can invite all of your child’s friends and then some. If it’s a combined family and friends birthday party, there will be enough room for everyone! And if you have people of all ages coming to the party, you’ll be pleased to discover that Kids ‘N Shape is a place for toddlers and teenagers with special activities for everyone. While a toddler might like the parachute games, a teenager may prefer the zip line.

Want to learn more about having a Kids ‘N Shape birthday party for your child? Contact Kids ‘N Shape today with your birthday party questions.

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