What is the Best Child Party Place Near Me and NYC?

Are you living in NYC and looking for the best child party place near me? City living often means a lack of space in general. While infant parties in your home have just the right tone, when children are old enough to have other children as party guests, home can feel too snug. Kids respond best to more open environments where they can move without restrictions or the risk of damaging anything of value.

The Best Child Party Place Near Me

This lack of children’s party space in NYC homes helped inspire the creation of an exceptional party and active play space called Kids ‘N Shape where fun and physical motion have gone hand in hand since 1989. With two clean, vibrant and accessible locations, Kids ‘N Shape indoor playground gives New York City a safe and delightful environment for children from kindergarten through high school to party with their peers and extended families.

What can we do at a Kids ‘N Shape party?

Picture your kid with friends, family, and even family friends enjoying free reign of an entire children’s indoor summer camp environment for a private active play session party. Adults and the birthday kid attend for free – along with fifteen additional children from toddlers to teens whom you have invited to the party. If you have more guests, invite them! We can accommodate up to 60 people, seated, for a birthday bash.

The attentive, congenial staff will be there to help supervise organized activities that are suited to the age of the birthday boy or girl. Active games are the most popular use of the unique kid’s party space. Kids go at the age-appropriate activities as they please, including delightful choices such as parachute games, relay races, jumping contests, dodgeball, whiffle ball, kickball and more. We can even provide a zip line!

Have singing games and traditions you would like to lead yourself? Happy Birthday, of course, but what else? We can get grandparents to join in the Hokey-Pokey. We are experts at what is age-appropriate. You are the expert at what your child loves most! Sit back while our experts lead engaging activities or get involved to the extent you wish.

What about kid’s party treats? One of the reasons our parties have been such a hit for nearly three decades is that we make it simple for parents by including invitations, colorful balloons, paper goods, soft drinks, coffee for adults, pizza for the children, and the ever-popular Carvel ice cream birthday cake.

If that is not enough for this special day, we offer popular add-ons and birthday party extras like additional time, goodie bags full of party favors, and additional food choices such as popcorn, cotton candy, snow-cones, pizza for adults as well as the kids attending, a larger cake, and custom cakes. Let our staff feed everybody so you can relax, enjoy and take a lot of pictures of the big day! (For that matter, if you prefer to trust the photography to pros, we can book a photographer who knows the space and its lighting qualities to record the memories for a lifetime.)

Perhaps the most popular add-on entertainment option is face painting. But we go further, with balloon twisting acts and the giveaway of the resulting balloon animals, costumed characters, friendly clowns, and even an age-appropriate magic act. We can also arrange pony rides or a water slide by request. If we have not named your dream kid’s party activity yet, ask about it!

Where do you find this birthday party solution?

You can get to both the Queens and Staten Island locations easily by major highways. Both venues are available seven days a week. The attentive Kids ‘N Shape staff will be there when you are, whenever you schedule the party. Be sure to book ahead for the memorable children’s event you have in mind. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for all the specifics and set up the perfect party your child, and your state of mind!

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