Kids ‘N Shape Childrens Gym for a Healthy Halloween

The holidays are right around the corner and, for many of us, this means eating more sweets. Halloween is a kid’s candy dream-come-true, with more than $2 billion spent on candy every year in the United States. In fact, across the nation, kids will collect and consume 90 million pounds of chocolate. The kids have barely finished eating all that candy when Thanksgiving arrives, bringing with it apple, pumpkin, and pecan flavored pies and cakes. A childrens gym like Kids ‘N Shape can help, we offer the gymnastic climbing and explorative free play that is critical for younger children.

Kids 'N Shape Childrens Gym Healthy Halloween

With so many U.S. holidays emphasizing sweets, is it any wonder that childhood obesity affects about 12.7 million children? As adults, we tend to combat our holiday eating with extra trips to the gym because we know that physical activity is crucial to weight control. Why not afford your children the same opportunity? The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day for children of all ages. The Centers for Disease Control suggest that age-appropriate activities, such as jungle gym-type play, offer aerobic activity and help to strengthen muscles and bones.

Some physical activity is better-suited for children than adolescents. For example, children do not usually need formal muscle-strengthening programs, such as lifting weights. Younger children usually strengthen their muscles when they do gymnastics, play on a jungle gym or climb trees. As children grow older and become adolescents, they may start structured weight programs. For example, they may do these types of programs along with their football or basketball team practice.

So, in addition to checking out the local pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving Day parade, and tree or menorah lighting ceremony, plan to visit your local Kids ‘N Shape children’s gym. With an exclusive combination of inflatables, wheeled toys, sports equipment, and other interactive fitness attractions, our kid-friendly facility will keep your kids entertained for hours while providing the physical activity they need to work off all those holiday treats. Contact the Kids ‘N Shape childrens gym for information about fitness play open sessions and keep your kids healthy this holiday season.

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