All About Face Painting Sessions at Staten Island Birthday Party Venues

Is your family searching for Staten Island birthday party venues that offer face painting? If so, remember to ask the artists the right questions to ensure the safety of your party guests. Which questions should every parent ask and what are the most important face painting considerations to take into account? Our experienced Staten Island birthday party planners have the knowledge you seek.

Staten Island Birthday Party Venues Face Painting Sessions

Remember that children typically have absorbent, sensitive skin. Plus, they are not always aware that their body movements could cause the material to get in their eye, mouth, or nose. So, it is vital that face painters use products that are safe for young children. In general, parents should demand that Staten Island birthday party venues with face painting packages use FDA approved, sanitary, skin grade paints.

Also, the vendors should utilize antibacterial soap, disinfected brushes and disposable sponges. Otherwise, dirt and bacteria may be inadvertently passed from party guest to party guest. Similar procedures must be followed when it comes to face painting stencils, spirit gum applicators and other materials commonly used in Staten Island birthday party venues’ face painting sessions.

Naturally, parents of party guests should also be encouraged to avoid the face painting station if their children are known to exhibit skin sensitivities that could create problems. Children that have skin sensitivities or infections may be better suited to use other adornments during the party, like disposable masks, silly hats, and temporary hand tattoos. If the party guests have a tendency to rub their faces and then touch their clothing, steer clear of glitter, glue-on gems and paint that is not fabric safe. It will cut down on incidents of stained clothing and small items ending up in the eyes.

Think about simplifying and speeding up face painting sessions by offering guests a fixed set of options. If no limits are set, ensure that Staten Island birthday party venues are booked long enough to allow all children to have a chance in the artist’s chair. Experienced face painters and party planners can offer time allotment suggestions to families who are interested. To learn more about scheduling face painting at Staten Island birthday party venues, contact Kids ‘N Shape.

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