Find a Staten Island Birthday Party Venue That Will Amuse a Variety of Ages

When planning a party, of course, it is the birthday girl or boy who gets the most consideration. Parents typically try to find a location that provides age appropriate activities for the child celebrating that day. However, in reality, many birthday parties include children who are a variety of ages, so it is important to find a Staten Island birthday party venue that provides entertainment for all children. Kids ‘N Shape provides birthday parties where all ages can have fun.

Staten Island Birthday Party Venue That Will Amuse

Birthdays are all about family and friends, so when you think of your list of invitees, you’ll probably notice a variety of ages. If a family is a priority to you, then you are probably going to have siblings and their friends come to the party. Maybe cousins too. Then there are neighbors, and possibly children of your adult friends. While it sounds a bit overwhelming, the trick to hosting a party where everyone has fun is to find a venue that isn’t limiting when it comes to activities. The birthday child will feel special because everyone is coming to celebrate his or her special day, but children who are older or younger will also find things to do.

Little ones can play in the ball pit, or climb on our soft obstacles. For older children, we can organize games such as dodgeball, relay races, parachute activities, kickball, and whiffle ball. Then there are all our typical activities available, including inflatables, an obstacle course, a zipline, and more. The last thing you need to think about is whether children will find enough to do.

Exclusive use of the facility is another great feature of our Staten Island birthday party venue that you do not find in many other venues. You will not have to search through a sea of other children to keep track of your guests. Your child’s birthday party is a priority, so your guests will be the only one in the facility during your party time.

And having a birthday party at the Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island birthday party venue is easy on parents since we provide everything you need, including pizza, drinks, ice cream cake, balloons, paper products, and invitations. You can even add-on items such as a magician, clown, face painting, and party favors. And since we have so many fun activities to choose from, many parents choose to extend their party because the children will want to have more time to play.

From toddlers to teens, there is something for everyone at Kids ‘N Shape. If you are looking for a birthday party venue, the keeps everyone entertained no matter the age, contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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