As the Weather Turns Chilly, Childrens Gym Offers Open Play

As the weather gets cooler, available options for kids to get their energy out start to dwindle. The air turns crisp, and the sun sets earlier, and it’s hard for families to find a good time to get out and play in the fall and winter. According to the CDC, children should get at least 1 hour of active playtime daily through aerobic activity, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening activities. When it’s cold outside, where should you go to engage your kids in physical activities? Kids ‘N Shape childrens gym offers an indoor playground that is perfect for open play.

Childrens Gym Offers Air Hockey Chilly Weather

The open-structured sessions are two hours long and offer kids k-12 the opportunity to explore and play in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment where they can engage physically and play with other kids their age. From bounce houses to ball pits, and bumper cars to air hockey, your child will find everything he or she needs for entertainment for the 2 hours that the open play sessions include. In addition to the many interactive attractions that open sessions offer, physical education instruction is also available during open sessions for those that would like a little more structure to their play time.

Your kids will find that Kids ‘N Shape is one of their favorite places to play and will love taking part in kickball and obstacle courses with other kids their age. With the help of physical play, your kids will not only strengthen their muscles, hearts, and bones, but they will also strengthen their brains and ability to concentrate. Interested in learning more about Kids ‘N Shape open play sessions? Contact Kids ‘N Shape for more information on pricing and available open session times. Learn more about hosting a birthday party or class trip, as well as the summer camps we offer.

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