Our Kids ‘N Shape team is excited to get back to the fun, adventures, and games with our customers.  At Kids ‘N Shape the health and safety of our customers, staff, and their families are our top priority. After months of closure due to COVID-19, we are happy to reopen our doors to our community and get back on track providing a safe, entertaining, and interactive environment for kids up to age 12 throughout the Howard Beach and Tottenville community in the New York City area. As we have reopened our doors we have done so with certain COIVD-19 precautions, procedures, and safety guidelines in place to ensure that our customers, staff, and their families remain as safe and healthy as possible.

Woman giving child hand sanitizer as part of COVID-19 precautions


Now more than ever kids need an outlet for fun and physical activity alongside their friends and other kids their age in a safe and positive environment. At Kids ‘N Shape we are taking a number of steps and COVID-19 precautions to maintain a safe and welcoming haven for kids and their families:

Limited Group Sizes

At Kids ‘N Shape we will be limiting group sizes in our camp and play sessions.  With reduced capacity during our activities, we will be able to allow for kids to space out comfortably throughout their time at Kids ‘N Shape. We are lucky to have expansive venues in both of our locations allowing plenty of space to prevent overcrowding at any time.

Daily Temperature Checks

In order to continue to curb the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community and to protect our customers and staff, we will be implementing daily temperature checks of all who enter our Kids ‘N Shape premises. All kids & staff will be checked each day for possible symptoms of COVID-19 through temperature screenings at the door. Any staff member or child that exhibits symptoms of illness including a fever will not be allowed to enter our Kids ‘N Shape facility.

Social Distancing Measures

There will be plenty of opportunities for your children to engage with one another and participate in games and activities while maintaining social distancing guidelines. We have created a number of fun and unique activities for your children to participate and play while abiding with social distancing precautions.

Daily Sanitizing Procedures

To prevent the spread of germs and maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our customers, Kids ‘N Shape facilities will undergo deep cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout the day. All of our equipment and common areas will be thoroughly disinfected and sanitized daily and as needed throughout the day.  In addition, we will provide hand sanitizer and access to handwashing stations for our patrons.

Off-Limit Activities

While most of the fun will remain in action at Kids ‘N Shape there are some activities that will be off-limits for the time being during our phased and cautious reopening. Ball Pits and Foam Block Pools have been removed and will not be accessible to any children for the foreseeable future.

At Kids ‘N Shape we have quickly adapted to our current circumstances as a community and know we can continue to offer our services to kids and their families in a safe and welcoming environment. We are happy to welcome back our customers new and old through our doors for their entertainment, party, and camp needs.

At Kids ‘N Shape we understand the importance of a safe and active lifestyle for kids throughout the New York City area. We provide a number of exciting and modern children’s fitness play services to promote  health and wellness at all ages through our:

  • Open Play Sessions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Class Trips
  • Summer Program

To book your next party, play session, or reserve a spot in our upcoming 2020 Summer Camp, contact Kids ‘N Shape.

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