3 Great Ways That Active Play Can Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

Most parents want their children to engage in active play because it’s important for the child’s health. Active play also builds your child’s confidence. The confidence that is built during active play can have several excellent benefits for your child and will have a huge positive impact on them for the rest of their life. Here are some ways that active play can build your child’s confidence.

Active Play Confidence

They Are More Sure of Themselves

As your child engages in active play, they become more and more coordinated and skilled at the activities that they are participating in. This, in turn, helps them to feel more sure of themselves. This surety helps them to feel more confident in their abilities, thus creating a positive self-image without them even realizing it. This surety may also help to reduce feelings of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, etc., that you may have noticed when they initially started participating in active play. This surety can help them to feel more prepared in their teen and adult years as they face new challenges.

More Confident Trying New Things

Another way that active play can help your child is to give them the confidence to try new things. While your child may initially start off with only going down the slide with your assistance, they will soon realize that they can do this task on their own. This is a huge learning experience and milestone for any child because they begin to realize that they are their own person, and they do not need mom and dad for everything. This is a huge step in the right direction because it allows the child to thrive in environments when you are not around, such as daycare or preschool. It can also help your child with sports and other activities that will challenge them both mentally and physically.

Active Play Improves Resilience

While most parents want to protect their children from the harsh aspects of life, it is inevitable that children are going to be in situations that will require them to be mentally tough. This helps them to get through these situations feeling strong, rather than faltering because they are not prepared. The confidence built during active play can help a child to become mentally stronger and tougher than they would otherwise be. Part of being mentally tough also allows them to realize that they can do hard things that they otherwise may give up on. This grit allows them to excel at tasks and gives them the drive to keep trying against very difficult odds. This is great for many current and future experiences that they may have while participating in sports or attending school.

There are so many great reasons why your child should participate in active play, both for their physical and mental well-being. Confidence is built, and this, in turn, can help your child both now and in the future. They become more sure of themselves, more confident to try new things, and mentally stronger and tougher than they were before. If you are looking for an excellent location for your child to get active and have a great time playing, you should bring them to Kids ‘N Shape. This is a play place made for children to enjoy, learn, and grow. To learn more, contact Kids ‘N Shape.

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