Kids ‘n Shape is the Perfect Class Trip Reward for Hard-Working Students

Elementary students work hard to learn the basics of education, from spelling and history to multiplication and division. And if there is one thing that elementary-aged kids love more than recess, it’s an amazing class trip reward. Here at Kids n’ Shape, we know that class trips are the spice of young life. A chance to get out of the classroom, to escape the curriculum, and try something excitingly new. Children have loved class picnics, tours of local businesses, and extracurricular field trips. But nothing tops a chance to run and play in a specially built indoor playground resplendent with sports courts, bounce houses, a zip line all the way across the facility.

Class Trip Award

If you’ve been looking for class trip ideas that will really shake up the old traditions and give your kids the time of their lives, Kids ‘n Shape is the ultimate reward for hard-working elementary school students. Now is the perfect time to start planning and preparing those permission slips.

After the NYSTP Exams

Your kids have worked hard all year preparing for the NYSTPs for their grade. They have done page after page of practice math problems. They’ve made flashcards and dutifully quizzed each other. And now they have earned the best recess of the year in a playground so much more impressive than anything an elementary school could build.

Right after the NYSPTPs is when kids are at their most wiggly. The hard work is done! They took the test and did their best. One of the most beneficial ways you can reward your kids for all that test-prep focus is by letting them get those wiggles out at Kids ‘n Shape. Let them explore the bounce houses, dive into the foam pits, and fly across the zipline in celebration.

End-of-Year Trip for Extracurricular Groups

Elementary school extracurriculars are something special that children never forget. When children join a special class to focus on the arts, a particular subject, or the Gifted & Talented program, they are providing more focus and dedication than most elementary programs demand. And they love it. Many elementary groups go out of their way to provide something special near the end of the year to reward kids for all their hard work either during special class time or after-school activities.

Bring your kids on a class trip to Kids ‘n Shape to show how much you appreciate their dedication to the program. Reward them for spending their after school time focused instead of playing video games at home. Parents will love to hear the stories of pickup basketball games and air hockey tournaments, and children will cherish the memories of the special time they spent with their extracurricular groups.

If Your Students Do Well on a Big Class Project

You may guide your kids through a big semester project like entries for the science fair or historical presentations on their favorite early president. Kids pour tons of time and energy and creativity into these projects, studying in ways that reflect how highschool and college students study for their class projects far in the future.

If your kids have made an impressive showing, building projects, and putting on presentations that make your class and the school proud, they deserve a reward. Instead of throwing a pizza party in the classroom, bring your class to Kids ‘n Shape, where they can celebrate their great success in a huge dynamic indoor play environment.

When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate with Field Day

Field day is an important part of any elementary school year. It is a day every child looks forward to full of sack races, hula hoops, teamwork, and lots and lots of running. However, New York weather doesn’t always cooperate. If the sky just doesn’t turn sunny in the month when field day usually takes place, you need a backup plan.

Kids ‘n Shape would be honored to host your children for an alternate and completely awesome field day alternative. You can still have those sack races and fun activities, but in the most incredible play environment in the city.

Kids ‘n Shape has dedicated itself to creating a play environment that every kid can enjoy. We don’t just have a little bit of everything we go all-out. Whether your kids are most looking forward to sports games, obstacle courses, or flying through the air on a zipline, we can provide! When your elementary class has worked hard all year, and it’s time for a class trip reward, bring them to Kids ‘n Shape for an energetic time they will never forget. Contact Kids ‘N Shape today to book your trip with or without lunch provided!

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