Awesome NYC Children’s Birthday Party Ideas with Kids ‘N Shape

Looking for NYC children’s birthday party ideas? Every parent wants to give their child an amazing birthday party each year. Of course, every child is unique, and their idea of the perfect birthday party changes from child to child, and from year to year. Some children want an all-out dragon/ninja/princess party, some are fixated on a special character, and some want their birthday party to be full of amazing games and physical activities.

NYC Childrens Birthday Party Crown

Whether you’re ready to go all-out or plan the coolest budget birthday party your kid has ever seen, we know where you’re coming from. The trick for parents to make it all come together is to decide exactly what to spend on, where you can save, and what aspects will make the birthday a truly magical experience for your child this year. Today, we’re here to share five of our best NYC children’s birthday party ideas for your kid’s birthday this year.

Going All-Out on a DIY Budget

If you don’t have a ton of spare funds to splurge, you can still throw an amazing party with everything your child wants most. The trick is to optimize, cut what you don’t need in favor of the elements that will make the party a memorable event your child will never forget.

Party Packages

Instead of paying for each piece of the party individually, trust your chosen venue to cover all the costs in a single affordable party package. You’ll often get way more than you could if piecing together the perfect party.

Best Friends Guest List

Instead of inviting the whole class, loop in only your child’s closets and most awesome friends. Let your child know that they don’t have to invite anyone who’s not a favorite person to play with because fun playing together is what really matters at a kid’s birthday party.

Participation Instead of All-Out Presents

If your kid has their heart set on a party that has a cost per-child, talk to parents about keeping everyone’s costs down by covering their child instead of bringing a fancy gift. Having a blast is the best present anyone can give.

Kids ‘N Shape Birthday Party Spectacular

Kids ‘N Shape is a dynamic place for active play and never-ending fun. With huge bounce-houses, foam blocks, sports courts, air hockey, a zip line, and so much more, your kids and their best friends will have the time of their lives. And the whole place to themselves.

There are soft play toys and tricycles for younger siblings and no extra cost for children younger than three or older than twelve. A party package includes colorful invitations, air-filled balloons, soda and pizza for the kids (and coffee for the grown-ups), and all the paper goods you need for an amazing party. Not to mention an ice-cream cake so the birthday kid can blow out the candles in style.

Or Come for Two Hours of Birthday Open Play

For parents on an even tighter budget than usual, you can even bring in a small crew of kids for two hours of free play as part of your birthday planning, and we’ll happily welcome you into the shared play environment where your birthday child might even make new friends with local children who come to play regularly.

Water Fight Party

If your child’s birthday falls within months that are still wonderfully warm, you can extend your Kids ‘N Shape party into an all-day celebration by taking your party to the free picnic tables at the local park and hosting a water fight to end all water fights. Find discount supplies from pool stores at the end of the summer season like splash balls and pool noodles. Combine this with big buckets of water balloons, sprinklers, and dollar-store squirt guns to lay the groundwork.

Then invite every kid coming to bring their own supply of water fight gear. Emphasize that gear will be spread out among the players so that no one is too well-equipped.

Cardboard Box Carnival Party

Another way to enhance your Kids ‘N Shape party time for no extra birthday budgeting is with cardboard boxes, construction paper, and markers. For parents who already have a deep closet of half-used art supplies, a cardboard box carnival can be a delightful backyard party idea. If your child is excited about the idea of making their own beanbag booths, squirt gun targets, and ring-toss bottle games, then this could be the perfect party idea for you.

Get your extra cardboard boxes by asking the grocery store stockers folding boxes around back or checking with the lunch ladies at your child’s school. Those boxes were going into the giant recycle dumpster, either way, so no one will miss them. In fact, check with overflowing cardboard recycle bins if you can’t find anyone to talk to.

You don’t even have to hand out prizes. Pick up a ticket roll or record your high-score winners and announce them joyfully at the end of the party. Dump confetti over their head, and every child will feel like a winner.

Kids ‘N Shape is dedicated to children enjoying endless active play and create magical birthday memories. We love to host birthday parties where you get the entire play environment all to yourself, or your kids can stop by making Kids ‘N Shape part of their all-day birthday experience. Contact Kids ‘N Shape today to schedule your child’s birthday party or join us during our weekly open play sessions.

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