Multiple Kids, One Party at a Time Saves Money

We all know that the more children we have, the more parties we throw for birthdays. This need can get very expensive and very time-consuming. But what if you could throw one big party in a birthday party place for all your kids at the same time? Would you do it? What if that venue featured one party at a time? Some parents face this question every year, especially if their children’s birthdays fall in the same month or if they are close in age. Kids N’ Shape birthday parties feature one party at a time.

One Party at a Time Saves Money

Each child deserves their party to celebrate the beginning of their life here on Earth. But not every parent can afford a magnificent celebration for each child. So maybe you want to celebrate them all at once. A group birthday party is an excellent alternative if you are on a budget and your kids birthday’s all occur around the same time. However, if they don’t land about the same time then at least one child is going to feel hurt. On solution, schedule their group birthday party in a month that doesn’t represent any child’s birthday. Then have a small home gathering with a special meal on the date of the birthday and then a huge friends and family party at the Kids ‘N Shape party center.

Kids N’ Shape has our one party at a time guarantee. This guarantee means that you and your family will be the only party celebrating when you reserve the party space. Imagine you and your kids and 60 of their closest friends and their families partying it up in our unique party space with all the amenities we offer.

Not only will we provide age appropriate activities for every guest, but all tableware, food, and an excellent time for all. For all our birthday party package prices, please contact Kids N’ Shape. A knowledgeable birthday party planner will help you decide what kind of package is best for your children’s party. With additional options such as party favors, clowns, face painting, and extra time, you are sure to find the right birthday party package that suits your needs for one party at a time.

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