Kids ‘N Shape Birthday Parties Feature One Party At A Time, Please!

Parents have to contend with a lot when it comes to planning a birthday party. Choosing a venue shouldn’t be a nightmare, and neither should be having your party on the big day. Here’s why Kids ‘N Shape’s ‘one party at a time’ policy helps parents keep their sanity when it’s time to party.

One Party At A Time Birthday Parties

Other People’s Kids

Keeping your kids (and their friends) where you can see or at least hear them is hard enough. Factor in our free-play atmosphere and how hyped up kids can be on birthday cake and ice cream, throw several dozen other strange children, and their families, into the mix, and it can be nearly impossible to keep an eye on every one of your party guests.

Your child will have lots of fun sharing the inflatables and other great activities with their friends, without worrying about strange kids causing trouble or hogging all the good activities.

Privacy Is Priceless

We know your privacy is priceless and that goes double for your kids. Do you really want to have to worry about having a stranger wandering about your child’s party? One party at a time means you are in control of who gets to be involved with your child’s party, not us, and certainly not other parents.

VIP Status

There’s nothing better than getting to have a VIP status on your birthday, and if your child’s party guests are the only ones in the building, they will feel the benefits.

Fewer crowds, more time on each activity, and more attention from the staff mean parents can relax and enjoy the party, too. Plus, there’s no worries about younger kids being trampled by strangers. Instead, you’ll just have a great time for all ages, without the hassle of other parties going on.

Our great reputation and ‘legendary’ birthday parties speak for themselves, but if you want to know more about why our ‘one party’ policy is a great thing for you, contact us. We’re always ready to help you make your child’s special day a great one!

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