Staten Island Kids Party Place, Where Fantasies Safely Run Free

As the weather cools across New York State, it will become increasingly difficult for parents to host outdoor events. Good thing there is Kids ‘N Shape, the Staten Island kids party place ready and able to host events year-round. As the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology pointed out this past May, the best ones offer opportunities to engage in fanciful play.

Staten Island Kids Party Place Fantasies

Fly High at our Staten Island Kids Party Place

At Kids ‘N Shape, our professional staff members know all about the importance of fanciful play. Plus, our fully insured, NYC Department of Education registered business is the ideal place for it. We feature a sanitary, soft, secure play area that boasts everything kids need to fuel their imaginations. For example, they could pretend that they’re exploring the jungle with Disney’s Tarzan or Mowgli and fly across the room on our built-in zip line. The zip line could serve as a jungle vine or tree house rope.

Leave NYC and Jump into New Worlds

In addition to the zip line, our Staten Island kids’ party place has sports courts, wheeled toys, a variety of balls, air hockey table, inflatables and an Xbox Kinect set too. Accordingly, children could play virtual soccer using the Xbox then try the real thing on our indoor field. Alternatively, they could climb inside of an inflatable and image that they are kangaroos, astronauts or Winnie the Pooh’s pal, Tigger.

Are They Ready to Act Out Their Fantasies?

Yes, like a child’s imagination, the possibilities at our Staten Island party place are endless. They are only truly limited by our generous hours of operation. We offer two-hour long sessions that are open to the public on a daily basis as well as host private functions. Private functions are typically customized to suit a family’s interests and time restrictions.

Just bear in mind that private functions may impact the availability of open sessions at any Staten Island kids’ party destination. Therefore, we encourage parents to check our online calendar or social media accounts before making the convenient trip to one of our Kids ‘N Shape locations. If internet access is not available, parents are welcome to contact Kids ‘N Shape by phone as well.

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