Why We Are The Best Staten Island Kids Party Place

So you have heard a lot about Kids ‘N Shape from your Staten Island friends and are wondering if we are all that they claim. Absolutely! We are the best soft play Staten Island kids party place, and we have the credentials to prove it.

Staten Island Kids Party Place Soft Play Ball Pit

What Is Soft Play?

Here at Kids ‘N Shape, we offer your children a soft play experience that pushes them to have high energy fun. Our center helps promote exercise in a way that the centers mentioned above do not. Soft play centers are filled with a variety of entertaining and exciting areas on which your children can climb, including:

  • Ladders with slides
  • Bouncing areas
  • Small buildings (perfect for playing imagination games)
  • Exploration areas where your child can challenge their physical stamina

These simple play areas offer a perfect opportunity for your child to work their mind and their bodies in a safe and fun environment.

The Kids ‘N Shape Party Area

We also offer the advantage of a party area, where you can bring in entertainment, including magicians or even televisions and video game systems. This makes us one of the most versatile of all the Staten Island kids party play areas. We are particularly fond of the way this lets your children take a break from physical exercise before jumping back in for more fun.

Beyond these benefits, we also offer room for your child to throw a small party. Bring in pizza, birthday cake, or anything else for a party that your child will love. We are adaptable for a wide range of party needs and are willing to work around your schedule to find one that works for you.

The Kids ‘N Shape Advantage

We have years of experience working with families like you and know that we can offer the kind of high-quality experience your child deserves. So if you are interested in learning more about how we can help, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today. We can set up a private party experience and show you and your children our Staten Island kids party place.

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