Recent Obesity Studies Encourage Use of Winter Indoor Kids Gym

The cold weather brings its challenges when it comes to staying in shape. When the temperature drops, we often turn to calorie-laden comfort food, lose motivation to workout, and suddenly the scale creeps up, and our clothes get tighter. It is the same for kids and adults, but given some recent studies on obesity, parents might want to strongly consider finding a winter indoor kids gym.

Winter Indoor Kids Gym

According to research released this week, if the trends continue, by 2025 it is predicted that 15.8% of the overall global population of school-age children worldwide will be overweight and 5.4% will be obese. Unfortunately, with these numbers come some additional medical issues. Diabetes, hypertension, and hepatic steatosis, or buildup of fat in the liver will also sharply increase in children. Parents who do not want to see these conditions in their kids can take steps to prevent it.

One of the easiest things to do is find a way for children to be active. When adults think of going to the gym, it is often a chore and something that is tolerated to be healthy. However, it is important not to pass on these notions to the children so that they can see that exercise is something they can look forward to.

The best way to do this is to find a kid’s gym that is fun and provides opportunities for children to be active in a way that seems like play. Running through an obstacle course, hanging onto a zip-line, running relay races with friends, playing dodgeball, jumping on inflatables, and creating structures with our huge blocks seem like just a fun playtime, but children will be burning calories, building muscle, and developing motor skills.

The great thing about a children’s gym is it does not seem like a workout at all, and kids will ask to come back on a regular basis. So when the winter weather hits, and it is hard to get outside and be active, you do not have to turn into couch potatoes until spring hits. Try the winter indoor kids gym Kids ‘N Shape and let children discover being active is fun. For more information about our hours and locations in Queens and Staten Island, contact Kids ‘N Shape.

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