Best Party Places Staten Island to Host a Fall Birthday Shindig

Do you want to host an autumn birthday shindig for the kids but are reluctant to have it at your home? Maybe your home is too small, has thin walls or is filled with breakable stuff that can’t be easily tucked away. Either way, why not consider choosing Kids ‘N Shape? Parents say we have the best party places Staten Island. Here are five reasons to consider making it part of your family’s party plans.

Party Places Staten Island Shindig

1.) Roomy and Private

Unlike other child safe party places in the city, our 6,000+-square foot venue may accommodate up to 60 people. So you will not feel obligated to trim the guest list mercilessly or have to worry about hurting the feelings of others. Plus, we are a private party place. Therefore, they’ll be no stressing over whether or not the kids might walk away from the birthday cake and wander off with strangers.

2.) Easily Accessible

In addition, our Staten Island location is easy to get to. We are located on Main, just down the street from the police precinct and within a taxi’s drive or brisk walk from the SIR Tottenville train station. As such, they’ll be no need for your party guests to battle traffic.

3.) Age Appropriate and Fun

Our venue’s play areas are appropriate for children of all ages and interests. We have soft play areas for the very young and safe, including ball and foam play pits. Our legendary zip line is always a big hit with the kids, as is our bounce house and obstacle course. Furthermore, the kids can roam around and visit the various play areas as they chose. This free play ensures they will never get bored.

4.) Customize with Lots of Extras

The sheer number of extras available to parents is another reason our party place in Staten Island reigns supreme. For example, we’ve got a face painting option on offer which is great for October birthday parties, especially those that fall close to Halloween. We can also provide costumed characters, party favors, magicians, clowns, food, beverages, decorations and more.

5.) Upfront and Affordable

Finally, at Kids ‘N Shape, we will not dime and quarter you to death. Our rates are affordable, inclusive and given up front. Thus, you’ll be able to budget in advance and walk away on party day with happy kids and your pocketbook still intact. To learn more about why parents continue to choose Kids ‘N Shape over other party places Staten Island, please contact us today.

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