4 Things The Best Summer Camps in NYC Have to Offer Your Kids

When you are sending your kid off to summer camp, you want them to have the most memorable, enriching experience possible. Also, part of the way that you as a parent can rest assured that this will happen is by checking out the different activities the camp has to offer. If you are looking for some advice on finding the perfect summer camp for your child, check out the top four things only the best summer camps in NYC have to offer.

Best Summer Camps In NYC Petting Zoo

Physical Activity

What would a summer camp be without the opportunity for young ones to expend lots of their energy? Some of the best summer camps understand the importance of offering constructive, organized athletics for kids. These activities will not only provide them with a fun, energizing experience but also leave them with a new set of skills. Kids ‘N Shape Summer Camp, for example, organizes regular opportunities for kids to learn karate from qualified, highly experienced instructors. So if your child ends up loving karate, it could be a new hobby for them (and more importantly an invaluable self-defense skill) that they can practice for years to come. In addition to martial arts, there should be plenty of other options including team sports such as basketball, soccer, and football. The best summer camps understand how vital it is to include a variety of athletic activities so each kid can find something that they enjoy the most.

Licensed Teachers

It is understandable that parents would not want to simply drop their kids off with just anyone all day long for an entire week. That is why having qualified, experienced, and licensed teachers are such an important part of a great summer camp. When the individuals who are with your kids all day are licensed, you have greater peace of mind knowing that they are in the right hands and a safe environment.

Something Novel That Your Kids Could Not Find Somewhere Else

One way to ensure that your child has a memorable experience at their summer camp is by sending them to one that includes lots of novel experiences and exciting activities that are hard to come by anywhere else. Moreover, the added perk is that the best summer camps will include multiple unique experiences. For example, at Kids ‘N Shape Summer Camp, kids can get their adrenaline pumping by going through 40-foot inflatable obstacle course complete with tunnels and slides, a bounce house, and even a zip line! For kids who are not enticed by these activities, they can enjoy some more low-key fun like air hockey or bowling.

Themed Weeks

Kids are imaginative by nature and their imaginations should be exercised, especially at summer camps. That is why the best summer camps understand the importance of including various, creative themes. For the kids entranced by the idea of being cowboys and cowgirls, they will love attending a summer camp with a week long Wild West theme! And kids who love watching super hero movies would be overjoyed to attend a summer camp week dedicated to super heroes and the chance to dress up just like them. At Kids ‘N Shape Summer Camp, there are different themed weeks for kids to choose from including a carnival theme, safari theme (with a live petting zoo), dinosaur theme, and circus theme among others.

Looking for more information on great summer camps in NYC? Do not hesitate to contact Kids ‘N Shape Summer Camp today! In addition to that, consider taking a look at our official website where you can find information on the official camp schedule and other activities we host.

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