Keeping Your Kids Active With Staten Island Summer Camp

With the growing popularity of video games and computer-based activities, making sure kids get up and play during the summer can be harder than you realize. Even active, athletic kids can get pulled in by the appeal of never logging out of their games. Kids need hours of running around over the summer. One of the best ways to encourage your child to put down the game controller, phone, or keyboard and get active is with Staten Island summer camp. Kids ‘N Shape, a local children’s fitness center, is dedicated to entertaining kids in ways that will keep their blood pumping and their brains in gear. With summer camps on Staten Island and in Queens, New York kids have a great opportunity to make new friends and stay in motion with weekly themed sessions.

Staten Island Summer Camp Soft Play

Soft Play Areas

Fitness is important for children and should start at a very early age. Kids ‘N Shape accepts Staten Island summer camp participants as young as three years old and has a safe play environment for your toddlers and early school age children. We have a colorful padded gym full of ball pits, foam blocks, and inflatable jungle gyms. Your child will be safe to run fast, climb actively and play ball without any danger of unhappy bumps or scrapes. You can be assured that when you leave your little one at Kids ‘N Shape summer camp, they will always have an active and safe play time.

Interactive Fitness Attractions

Our Staten Island summer camp is proud to bring your kids more than just the PE class experience. Our awesome collection of interactive fitness attractions will captivate your kids and keep them jumping for hours. Our inflatables feature a bounce house and a full forty feet of inflated obstacle course, complete with tunnels and a slide. Some kids want to run the obstacle course for over an hour, timing and racing each other while maintaining a healthy cardio workout the entire time. We also have air hockey tables, bumper cars, scooters, and an XBox Kinect set up for games like bowling or boxing.

Sports Fields and Courts

If your child likes conventional sports or just want to run around practicing moves, we have a variety of sports fields and courts available for team and freestyle games. From full court basketball to a netted soccer field, kids can play whatever they want with normal or hilariously oversized balls. Our friendly staff are always happy to offer a little coaching advice and can double as PE fitness instructors for kids who could use a little extra help staying active.

The Zip Line

Kids ‘N Shape put their creativity to work and realized they could offer something almost no other urban summer camp program can: A Zip Line. In a completely safe and padded environment, your children can enjoy the exhilaration of flying down a zip line without the long drive into the mountains or lofty prices to play on an outdoor ropes course. Our dynamic indoor design brings this unique summer camp attraction straight to Staten Island kids.

For the best summer camp experience available in urban New York, Kids ‘N Shape has dedicated themselves to creating a fun and engaging environment that promotes childhood fitness and an adventurous spirit. Every child has their favorite attraction. The older kids love the Kinect and the obstacle course, while happy toddlers build foam block forts and play in the ball pits. If you would like to sign your child up for a fun fitness week of Queens or Staten Island summer camp, contact Kids ‘N Shape to claim your spot in one of our popular themed sessions.

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