Fun Party Halls In Staten Island For Birthday Parties

Party halls in Staten Island provide a convenient, nearby venue for your child to have a super successful and enjoyable birthday party. There are many choices for kid’s birthday parties today like go karting, bowling, roller or ice skating, water parks, a party at a zoo or park or a child-themed restaurant or an ice cream shop. At Kids ‘N Shape we offer the best in party halls in Staten Island and another choice for your child to enjoy their special day. Depending on your child’s hobbies and favorite activities, performers, and personal preferences, we can customize your child’s birthday party to match their interests.

Party Halls In Staten Island

A well-recommended party location in Staten Island, Kids ‘N Shape is an indoor playground that is a safe and supervised environment. We are filled with a variety of equipment that engages children in interactive activities that improve motor skills while they are having a good time. Extra activities include face painting, balloon twisting into animal shapes, a magician or clown to keep them amazed and amused. At Kids ‘N Shape, our experienced staff will help make the memories forged on your child’s big day, lasting ones. We specialize in offloading the legwork and making their birthday party stress-free for both the attendees and their parents.

Birthday Parties are legendary at Kids ‘N Shape and are one of the reasons we’ve been in business since 1989. Unlike many other party venues, we give our customers exclusive, free reign of the entire facility for their birthday party and birthday party guests. Kids ‘N Shape birthday parties feature a variation of our Fitness Play Open Sessions that includes several age appropriate organized activities. Kids ‘N Shape birthday party organized activities include; parachute games, relay races, jumping contests, dodge ball, whiffle ball, kick ball and more. All of our Birthday Parties include; paper goods (plates, cups, napkins), party balloons, carvel ice cream cake, drinks for all, and even invitations and pizza for the children!

The birthday party can make use of the variety of amenities that already exist at Kids N Shape, or you can add a particular desired theme by bringing the needed supplies or people to enhance the experience. Theme your party for video games, cowboys, action heroes, three legged races, LEGO, or any ball games and more. Some of the preferred party themes are finger painting, scrapbooking, dancing to favorite singers, karaoke performing, rock stars, elegant tea party with all the trimmings, face painting or temporary tattoos, crafts of different types, gymnastics, storytelling and more.

For party information or to book your child’s special event, please contact us.

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