Summer Fun for Kids, Staten Island Summer Camps

Although many parents would agree that it is great to spend time with the kids without an impending school day getting in the way, the kids will eventually get bored with staying at home all the time. Many parents may not be sure what to do during a situation such as this. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. New York parents should consider signing up for one of many Staten Island summer camps.

Staten Island Summer Camps Gymnastics

Weekly Wave Water Slide

Luckily for kids and parents alike, there are quite a few options when it comes to Staten Island summer camps. One option that kids of all ages will love would undoubtedly have to be Staten Island’s Weekly Wave Water Slide. For information about camp pricing, please do not hesitate to contact Kids ‘N Shape. During you child’s stay at camp, kids will have a blast enjoying water slides and swimming during the hot summer months.


Another option for Staten Island summer camps would have to be Kids ‘N Shape Gymnastics. Your children will not only fall in love with Kids ‘N Shape gymnastics, but they will also get the exercise that they need. Children are taught fun, exciting activities and exercises by a professional, reliable gymnastics instructor.


Another summer camp option that you may want to consider would be very popular Dance instruction. Kids will learn easy and fun dances that they will not only enjoy, but it will also allow children to discover a physical activity that they will come to love years to come. Dancing is an excellent way for your kids to get the appropriate exercise that they need.

Karate Instruction

Lastly, parents may also want to consider Karate instruction. Like the other components of Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island summer camps, karate instruction is yet another way for children to get an adequate amount of exercise during the summer months. By signing your child up for Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island summer camps, they will also be learning a noble form of self-defense that your child will undoubtedly find useful throughout their lives.

As any parent could see, signing your child up for Staten Island summer camps will not only be a stimulating and enjoyable experience, but it will also help to reinforce physical exercise as a life-long habit. If you have any questions about camp fees or any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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